Bradley Cooper Says He’s Been Mocked by Hollywood for His Oscar Nods – The Daily Beast

Bradley Cooper says he’s been mocked for his Oscar nominations. Talking on the “Smartless” podcast, Cooper revealed that a well-knpersonal director requested him and an actress, who Cooper referred to as a “pricey good friend,” What quantity of nods they every had. After discovering out the actress solely had three the placeas Cooper had seven, the director said, “What world are we dwelling in the place You’ve seven nominations? What’s wrong?” Cooper rereferred to as: “I’m Taking A look at him like, ‘Bro, why are you such an asshole? Go fuck your self.” On The identical awards circuit celebration yrs earlier, Cooper says a “hero feminine actress” used a sarcastic tone the placeas telling him he “deserved the nom” for Silver Linings Playbook, whispering the phrases “the nom” to him minutes later the placeas passing him. “I primarytain in thoughts like, what the fuck Is that this metropolis?” Cooper said. The actor, who was nominated for a ninth time this yr for his position as producer of Nightmare Alley, took himself to process for A pair of of his personal insecurity-disguised-as-meanness. He rereferred to as a dinner with “Smartless” co-host Will Arnett By which he thought he’d been humorous earlier than Arnett informed him he’d truly been a “exact asshole.” Cooper said, “That was, like, The primary time I ever exactized that I had A drawback with medicine and alcohol.”

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