Dave Chappelle Won’t Have His Name On Theater At High School Alma Mater Amid Controversy; Compares ‘The Closer’ To The Mona Lisa – Deadline

The theater constructing at Duke Ellington School of The humanities in Washington D.C. was to be formally identifyd in a ceremony tonight after Definitely one of many school’s most well-known graduates: Dave Chappelle.

The naming was in consideration of Chappelle’s assist of The varsity, particularly after he and his pals have been the group that raised In all probability the most money for the the constructing.

Chappelle has been The center of controversy after suggestions in his Netflix particular final yr have been perceived as transphobic. In a go to to Duke Ellington School of The humanities in November, he was even confronted by college students there over it.

Properly, Based mostly on Washington Submit columnist Josh Rogin and completely different reviews, On the ceremony tonight the comic introduced he Wouldn’t place his identify on theater In any case. Instead he decided it shall be referred to as the Theater for Inventive Freedom and Expression.

He then went on To debate how his work has been characterised and analyzed.

“I noticed Inside the informationpaper that A particular person who was Sporting women’s clofactor threw a pie On the Mona Lisa and tried to deface it. And it made me snicker And that i assumed, ‘It’s Simply like the Nearer.’ “

Chappelle said The Nearer was unfairly portrayed Inside the press.

“You can’t report on an artist’s work And take away …….


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