Fans support Meghan Markle amid reports of her bullying Buckingham Palace staff – Hindustan Times

A report stating that Meghan Markle bullied Buckingham Palace’s staff surfaced recently. As quickly As a Outcome of the report acquired here to mild, her followers prolonged their assist on social media, claiming that the report Isn’t exact and that she is the ‘kindest particular person’. Meghan had married British Prince Harry in 2018. Additionally Study: Meghan Markle provides her coat worth 3 lakh to a mcompletely different holding baby, followers name her ‘queen of kindness’. Watch

Based mostly on the report, Meghan was Responsible for bullying two senior staff members of the Buckingham Palace when she was a member of the Royal Household, reported Deadline. Soon after the report acquired leaked, the ‘insurance coverage policies and procedures’ of the Palace have been modified in regard to the remedy of the staff.

However, Meghan’s assisters have claimed that the bullying report, funded and instituted by Queen Elizabeth, was allegedly ‘buried’ Because it was not but launched. Soon after the leaked bullying report surfaced, her assisters took to Twitter to defend the Duchess. “Why is that Meghan Markle has by no means been accused of such behaviour till she labored for the Royal family. Utterly everyone who has met her & labored Collectively with her says she is the kindest and most considerate particular person…” wrote one Twitter consumer.

“So Buckingham Palace leaked the existence of a bullying investigation (4 days earlier than the Oprah interview) however not The …….


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