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Fresno State College


Fresno State College

The California State College system does a poor job of paying non-school staff and staff throughout the 23 campus system, Based mostly on A mannequin new, indepfinishent research. 

The research, which Shall be explored In further element this week By way of the CSU Board of Trustees meeting, found the system has Did not Sustain with institutions nationwide throughout greater education in staff pay. The system furtherly lacks fixed and up So far job classifications, And Tright here Is not any consistency in how the university system advertvances or will enhance particular person wages and salaries. 

The research’s recommfinishations would require $287 million to implement with ongoing prices Inside the tens of hundreds of hundreds of greenbacks per yr “to yrly maintain market aggressiveness and to maintain step development,” the research concludes.

“The CSU acknowledges that truthful and aggressive compensation for school, staff and advertministration Is important to the university’s success,” a spokesperson from the chancellor’s office said, advertding thOn the office May even be lobbying the Legislature and the governor for enhanced funding to compensate staff. 

The research, funded with $2 million in state funds accredited by the Legislature and the governor, madverte recommfinishations To reinformationrce staff …….


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